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Randy Winston Hillier works as a psychotherapist in her own practice. In 1987 she met Helen Palmer, who was offering an introductory lecture on the Enneagram. “It was intriguing to think about a system that outlined how attention was specifically organized, and through keen observation one could learn how to shift one’s attention at will.” Ms. Hillier realized that as a therapist she could teach people the Enneagram system, and they could discover how their internal operating system worked. Over time, as one developed a capacity for self-observation, the inner life would become so much more accessible, thereby enabling the person to create acts of self healing.

This began a life-long journey and relationship with the Enneagram. Over the past three decades, Ms. Hillier has developed materials for teens, adults, and tweens to learn and utilize the system.

As an artist and author, self-expression and creativity have always been an essential part of her personal and professional work. She has additionally drawn from her studies of Jungian psychology and archetypes, Native American culture and myth, dream tending, art and nature.

Before dedicating herself completely to the arts and her practice, Ms. Hillier taught graduate courses at Antioch University and published Some Secrets Are For Sharing, a book about child abuse.

Ms. Hillier currently resides in San Pedro, CA. with her red fox Labrador, and when the spirit calls, retreats to her getaway in the mountains in Mammoth.